Experimonth officially started in December of 2008 when Beck Tench decided to outsource her New Year's Resolutions. Inspired by friends who wanted to eat a completely raw diet and blog about it, she invited people to suggest things to do and then vote on them. She did the top twelve (including the aforementioned raw diet), charted them across the year and invited others to do them with her. For each resolution, she created a blog or some other way to share about the experience online. She called the whole thing "Experimonth."

In 2010, her friend Jeff Stern charted out 12 habit-making ideas of his own and did the same, and then in 2011, the first science-related experimonth, Experimonth: Mood (April 2011) was designed by a group of museum practitioners at the Museum of Life and Science (MLS) and the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) along with researchers at Michigan State University’s WIDE Research Center. In November of 2011, the group also launched Experimonth: Race at MLS and Experimonth: Identity at SMM.

In September of 2011, the National Science Foundation funded four additional Experimonths through the project "Science of Sharing," a partnership between MLS and the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA. This support brought the creation of science.experimonth.com and several MLS/Exploratorium prototypes and final projects: Trade It Up (April 2012), Frenemy (June 2012), PassWord (July 2012), Frenemy (February 2014), Do You Know What I Know You Know? (April 2014), Freeloader (July 2014), and Experimonth: Belonging (August 2014).

In addition to these Experimonths mentioned above, there have been the following Experimonth experiments: Experimonth: Eh? (August 2012), Experimonth: Jane Goodall (June 2014), and the MLS-hosted Experimonth: Strike-a-match (February 2013).